I'm watching the Minnesota election results while trying to do a math lab, and the constant phrase that keeps coming up is that the people on the floors of the party HQ's don't have up to date info. They can only get phone calls of hte info and tv. HELLO!??!

This is EXACTLY what the Treo does best. My state has an excellent eleciton results webpage, http://electionresults.sos.state.mn....Races=allstate , that is easy to use on a mobile device. If any of those people ahd Treo's they could easily by typing :menu: R get an update.

If any TC'ers went to any election party today, did anyone use their Treo to help get the fastest new info?

ok... back to math homework - note to all.: doing on election night a 2-3 hour assignment is bad. bad calculus.. bad...