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    I was at the Best Buy at the Mall of America yesterday to get the Ace Ventura movies. I decided to check out the touch pad while I was there.

    It was a little hard to find, I no longer accept help from Best Buy employees if I can help it. When I did find it, though, it worked like a champ.

    The point of all of this is, displayed next to the touch pad, where I can only assume a veer was supposed to be, was a kin. I think somebody thought the kin was the veer. The display around it was all webOS. Does that seem weird?


    P.S. There was a girl in the mobile section holding up a veer and trying to get her mom to look at it. Her mom was more interested in some phone that was the size of a house cat.
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    the white Veer looks a lot like a Kin. Someone probably set it up thinking it was a Veer.
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    and I can't believe you didn't jump in and insist that the mother buy her daughter a Veer!

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