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    I have a 270 but find the built in address book laborious.
    Can anyone recomend a decent third party app? I quite like the look of Agendus, but I'm kinda loathe to spend $30 on somehting that the 270 should have had in first place.
    If however there are no decent agenda/diary/address book freeware add on's, then I want to try and get the right app if spending $30 !
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    I have a Treo 90 and find the built-in Contacts great. If I type first name, last name or first initial/last name, I get the name I'm looking for within three keypresses. Also, if you leave the first and last name blank, Contacts uses the company name for searching. So if you put your contacts name in the Title field, you can type the first few letters of the company name and you get a complete listing of all contacts within that company. I find it a pretty no-nonsense approach.
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    Try Tealphone - - I love it.
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    I am very pleased with v1.1 of KeyContacts from Chapura -- it works well if you sync with Outlook. You can find it at
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    Iambic 'Agendus' (Current version 5.34) is easily the best and most comprehesnsively featured Phonebook for Palm OS although it does have two limitations. The first one is that, for some reason when you dial from 'Agendus' it only logs the number into the call log and not the name of the contact. (this is probably just a bug or an oversight which may be fixed in later versions) The second limitation is one that is inherent of the 'Native Palm OS Address Book database' which does not have enough fields, eg. multiple addresses, multiple phone numbers etc. This is a shortcoming that 'KeyContacts (Chapura)' addresses quite well. Therefore if syncing with MS Outlook is a priority then KeyContacts is the way to go. Do keep in mind though, that KeyContacts maintains it's own database (for obvious reasons) and therefore does not work in tandem with the Treo phone features, eg. caller id etc. There is another shortcoming of KeyContacts. It does not automatically turn the 'shift key on for numbers' when you are in a number field, like most other phonebooks do.

    Hope this helps,
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    Agendus is an excellent datebook replacement. For the contacts I prefer Tealphone. Both are well worth the cost.

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