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    I get that I can't send SMS using the standard SMS app on the Treo 300, only receive. I figured one way around that (although not very handy) would be to bookmark Sprint's SMS messaging page in Blazer and just hop over there anytime I needed to send. But when I load the page, the send button doesn't show up, so I'm stuck. I've even tried it in Xiino (thinking that it was a javascripting issue), but same results: no send button in the html. Same thing in Avantgo. What gives?

    Any other ideas other than forking over money for a third party app when it seems the tools are just right there, I just....can't....quite....reach....
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    Hi McDonough,

    The SMS application in the Treo 300 was created for in-bound SMS messaging only. Youíll need a third-party application to enable you to send. Iíve included a link to the relevant page on our Customer Support:

    How do I send SMS messages using the Treo 300?

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    There is another option for sending sms messages in Blazer - just use an SMS portal into the mobile originated SMS server at Sprint. is a little odd but does the job well into most cellular carrier text messaging systems worldwide.
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    I am completely clear on the point that the default SMS app on the Treo does not send and that there is at least one third-party app that can do it (re-read original post). And while I appreciate the courtesy of a response, I would love to know the answer to this question: why can I send an SMS message from Sprint's website while using a browser on my PC but I can't do it from a browser on my Treo? Is there something that is getting stripped or improperly formatted in the html that prevents the "send" graphic button from showing up on the page when Blazer renders it?
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    Thanks Poryphyron, I'll give that URL a shot. I'm still curious about the inability of Blazer to render the page.

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