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Bullish Signs: 6 Companies That Are Hiring Again

Bullish Signs: 6 Companies That Are Hiring Again - Seeking Alpha

Fifth on CNNís list is Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ), which says it currently has 6,583 openings. In many ways, Hewlett-Packard is a cheaper IBM. Hewlett-Packard has a P/E of 8.71 compared to IBMís P/E of 14.62. Additionally, PEG for Hewlett-Packard is 0.80 compared to 1.20 for IBM. And finally, price-to-sales is 0.57 for Hewlett-Packard, while IBMís is 2.09. So what makes Hewlett-Packardís business different from IBMís? Hewlett-Packard is more on the consumer side of the computer business, being that it sells PCs and its latest release is the TouchPad. Through its acquisition of Palm in 2010, Hewlett-Packard also acquired the webOS operating system, which currently runs on the companyís smartphones and tablets.