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    None of the big players: iOS, Android, or BB are going after the 'family friendly platform' market. There are a TON of parents out there that are super leery of giving their kids a smartphone/tablet because there's almost nothing out there that offers them any kind of parental control.

    WebOS could be a huge leader there with just a few simple software updates that would allow for accountability and transparency when giving such a powerful device to such inexperienced youth.

    For starters, it could be as simple as requiring a parental password to do any of the following:
    -Access the adult category of apps
    -Delete anything from the browser history

    Then, they could open up necessary APIs to devs to build filtering for the browser, or even a full-blown accountability app like x3watch:
    X3watch Accountability App for Android Mobile Devices .

    Of course if your not a parent (or a spouse trying to earn back trust) using these options would be just that: optional.
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    im sorry to say but kids these days have already seen it all...
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