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    webOS doesn't feel the same without it. I'm not a dev, so I don't if gestures made webOS hard to develop for. I just think HP gave up a good marketing position, and made the Touchpad feel like the rest of the tablets.
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    Yep. Dont know what they were thinking.
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    Agreed. I miss the gesture area. Why was it necessary to resurrect the physical home button from the Pre- on the TP? Now there are on-screen buttons and scroll bars. It feels like a bunch of Windows programmers are in charge.

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    Hate. Back. Buttons.
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    Very inconsistent: some back buttons at the top, some at the bottom, sometimes it's called Finished and sometimes (weather app, iirc) there is nothing at all and one wonders how to go back.

    Need back back gesture and advanced swipes to change card!!
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    There is hope with sliding panes. It's a slick way to navigate.

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