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    Shall we review:

    - You follow the 40 year trip through the desert with Jeff Hawkins and low and behold, he tells you there is a new phone with a brand spanking new OS - BUT, and it's a big 'but' - it's 18 months away.

    - Suck it up Cupcake, hell, I can do 18 months on my head!

    - 18 months and there it is - the Pre.

    - Sprint is the lucky ducky and you buck your companies policy and buy one and sign a contract with Sprint.

    - Oreo, battery failure, keys stop working, audio is DOA, refurbished unit has to much crap on the screen and everything is fuzzy, rinse and repeat till you get to unit number 14.

    - ALL your friend laugh at you for sticking with Pre (and Sprint) after so much failure.

    - NOW, after mutiple OTA upgrades, you convince your subordinates about the virtue of the OS and they all buy but from another provider (AT&T in this case). Pre 2 it is.

    - Oh wait, NEWS FLASH - Sprint will NOT be offering the Pre 2 - SO - Carrier abandons manufacture (Palm).

    - But wait, Manufacture fails (Palm). Larger Manufacture (HP) buys IP (interactual property because almost all of the staff jumps ship).

    - HP, to it's credit, commits to the platform and sorta anounces Pre 3 and TP.

    - HP also anounces that it won't be updating the Pre - new manufacture abandons it's hardware!

    - HP releases TP to much fanfare! Go team - oh wait, the team, the original team is getting smaller and smaller - HP abandons dedicated, original designers and other employees.

    - TP is cool, sleek and sorta premature and sorta not thoroughly thought through, and totally not compatible with the Pre - further alienating the original Palm loyal. Not to mention, making every out-of-contract Sprint customer that switched to get a Pre in the first place, rethink their next carrier...

    - HP announces bright shinny new Pre 3 will be an AT&T phone (I think, it's so hard to keep up...) but Sprint says 'no thanks'.

    - Loyal Palm, Handspring, Palm customer abandons HP and sulks on his way to buy some other piece of crap that doesn't work as well.

    That's about where we are - right?

    Bitter, bitter, bitter - god, I don't want to deal with Android or Apple but what choice do I have - keep believing in the holy ghost?

    NOTE: Originally posted as a reply to something or other from me....
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    you lost me there dude. You do realize its just a phone... You have choices...
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    Quote Originally Posted by LinT View Post
    you lost me there dude. You do realize its just a phone... You have choices...
    I have to disagree a little with that statement. To some it's not just a phone, it's a small investment. You choose an platform, insert it into your life, and buy hundreds of dollars in apps. It kind of makes it hard just to switch.
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    You know you spelled "fanfare" wrong, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LinT View Post
    you lost me there dude. You do realize its just a phone... You have choices...
    I do, and you're right.

    I suppose, I just fell in love with the original idea of a PDA so many years ago and wanted the originators to birth the ultimate-all-in-one-device that I could rely on for my day to day personal / business needs.

    Fool that I am.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    You know you spelled "fanfare" wrong, right?
    Uggg! Thanks! Fixed it.

    Mean old Mr. Dyslexia poking it's head up again....
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    a purchaser of a previous company's assets has no obligation to the previous company's business plans, and in this case, it's probably a good thing, since Palm only got one thing right, and screwed up the rest. So there is inevitably a time of disappointment. HP kept things rolling, and, lacking the expertise in the webOS world, screwed some stuff your first exam in college after being used to high school standards.

    I'm not suggesting blindly following and hoping in HP, but seriously, the TP is their first foray on their own into webOS land. Apple really screwed up iPhone 2G, but was saved by gorgeous user interface, an interesting physical design, and a rabid fan base. 4G, they finally almost got it right....3 years later. Leave now if you must, but see you back in 2 will always miss webOS when using other devices because it is the most elegant mobile OS currently before the public. And it can only be improved.
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    Here's mine:

    Make it through 24 months of HTC Herald randomly rebooting, keys failing and slider pivoting.

    Buy this awesome new Pre everybody loved when it was revealed.

    Have it repaired for Oreo once; never experience any other hardware problems.

    Read people writing about problems and returns odysseys I can't relate to in the slightest, infer that the Pre is an abomination which doesn't match my experience at all.

    Contract running out in November, by which time the Pre3 has probably already had its first price drop.

    Not feeling entitled to any special treatment, flowers on my birthday, backrubs, long romantic walks on the beach just because I bought a phone not two years ago.
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