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    Before I bought my Treo 90, I had a Rex 6000.....yes, I know it wasn't a "real" PDA, but it worked really well, none-the-less.

    One of the greatest things about my Rex 6000 is that everytime it hot-sync'ed, it compressed all of the data. For example, the Rex would show that I was using 23% of my 2MB of memory -- then after hot-syncing it would show my memory @ 4%.

    I seem to be filling up my 16MB on my Treo VERY quickly, and as far as I can tell, no compression of info is going on when I hot sync. Is there anyway to compress the info?? Is there any 3rd party apps for this? Or am I forced to rely on my expansion cards for extra space?

    Thanks for your help!!
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    I was a Rex 6000 user too. The REX left gaps in its memory when data was entered or deleted manually, hence the sync process had to optimise the memory by removing these 'holes'. I don't think the Treo leaves such big gaps and I understand from a thread somewhere that the Treo also does some memory optimisation on hot synchm.

    Anyway, if you need some 3rd party compression, try the programme called 'flyzip'. I found it really good with quite good compression and you can unzip and run on the fly, in one step. Search for it on palmgear.
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    A utility I've been using for the past 3 years (and has never failed me) is PCompress. Not only is this a super easy compression utility, but it's free.

    This may be what you were looking for. You can also set the level of compression. All around, you can't beat it...
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    just get a memory card. thats what I use for backups and my books and seldom used file.s yo ucan get 32 megs for abotu 30.00 or less if you work at it.
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    Hello all,
    Sorry for reviving such an old thread but I was wondering if anyone experienced problems with FlyZip on their Treos? Is it buggy and will it drastically slow down the apps? Would it be advisable to use FlyZip in combination with a over-clocking hack such as FastCPU or Afterburner? Any thoughts? Thanks...

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