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    I've purchased 3rd party apps to replace the "To Do", "Memo","Contacts", and "Datebook". Can I delete them to make more room on my Treo, or are they required for the 3rd party apps to work and sync properly.

    Also, if I DO delete them, and I decide I want them back, is there anyway to do this? Or is it possible to back them up on a data card? Any advice is appreciated!
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    Jack Flash by works great.
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    Thanks!! I'll try it
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    Originally posted by abarrios
    Jack Flash by works great.
    Actually, JackFlash enables you to use the available flash memory, and JackSprat lets you delete original apps from flash.

    Also, be careful! Some third party replacement apps require the basic built-in ones, especially if they use the same databases. For example, if you want to load Datebk5, it's fine to delete Datebook+, but leave the basic Date Book there because Datebk5 needs it.
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    I removed all the language support from my Treo270 using Jacksprat, now I would like to use the extra space by moving some of my programs into the freed ROM. My question is, can I move programs there and continue to run them as normal. I don't want to have to duplicate stuff because then the extra space recovered serves no purpose.

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    I just tried that JackSprat Demo on my Treo 180g and it just showed an 'Unsupported Device' dialog then quit.

    Anybody got the full version working on a 180g?
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    Just to follow up my own message - there seem to be to different demos of JackSprat to download - 2.0b7 and 2.0b12.

    b12 works b7 doesn't...

    The demo reckons I'll get 1088k of space by removing the extra languages from my European edition Treo 180g.

    My main reason to purchase it (if I do) will be to put some important apps (such as Teallock) into flash to survive a hard reset.

    I appreciate the value of a good security app after just having recovered my Treo having left it on a bus :-( I have the app set to lock the device daily and display my address, email and phone number. A nice person from Bromley Bus Garage in south London, phoned me to say it had been handed in. So I got it back for a nominal 2 pound admin charge. Getting lost property returned in a big city like London gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside...
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