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    First, stop trying to copy the hardware of your competitors designs from last year. At the same time don't be cute just to be different *cough* *cough* Veer *cough*. Be a leader where the future is, be bold and be risky but lock the bean counters out of the room grab some of your newer engineers that look bored mocking up the same looking printers and brainstorm what would really be cool.

    Here are some ideas.

    Flexible screen devices running WebOS.
    You could be the first and if done right own it.

    Get the carriers to do something different.
    Have them stop charging WebOS customers a separate data plan for every device they sell. It's time to sell one data plan that can be used by all the WebOS devices a customer buys for his/her account from the carrier. You can cap the number of devices to 2 or 3 that can use data simultaneously. Leverage the unique WebOS profile as a selling point to manage and secure this because last I checked nobody is going to spend hundreds of dollars a month for multiple data plans that probably wont get much use. Would be a huge selling point to buy WebOS products over Apple or Android, makes that app problem seem less important too.

    Make a real strategy for how the power of WebOS can be leveraged
    You want to put WebOS on PCs, Printers, cameras, toasters etc.. Fine, but include a real strategy for how the power of WebOS can be leveraged on all these devices, what cool (there's that word again) things could a user do? Touch to Share is cool and actually every reviewer said they liked it but it looks like whoever came up with that idea was cut off in the middle of the meeting and you ran with the first thing they said instead of listening at all the other ideas of how this could could work in addition to just sharing a web page.
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    I like #2 a lot but I just can't imagine HP being in a position where they can dictate terms to carriers.

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