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    In reality, if Verizon and AT&T had actually tried to sell the device, Palm would have survived without being bought. There is the old issue, if no one tries to sell your device, customers won't know it is even there. The Pre Plus did fix most of the build quality issues, and my AT&T version shows it can take a bit of abuse(it fell out of its case onto the floor a few times, still very little Oreo effect and keyboard is fine, no problems).

    Sure, plastic screen will get scratched a bit too easily if you drop it the wrong way, but that's not a "build quality" issue, and AT&T would have sold more Pre Plus phones than the Blackberry Torch if they TRIED to sell the Pre Plus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TLG James View Post
    They were bankrupt
    Wrong. No bankruptcy ever filed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    move it over to the general palm thread then...but keep it at a pre3 rant title.

    if not interesting in ranting, don't open this thread.
    That does not mean they were not bankrupt. Palm was bleeding money and the Pre was a failure. If they were not bought bankruptcy would have been the other option. Palm was failing for a while. They got funding from the group that included that guy from U2 and they screwed it up.
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    why are we arguing over if the pre was a failure or if palm went bankrupt?

    this is a pre3 rant thread.

    there have been a billion and one rants on the relative failures of the pre and pixi phones, the lack of carrier support, the bugs in webOS, the terrible advertising on both palm and the carrier's parts. OLD NEWS.

    the bigger news is that that OLD news is still the same news with the pre2 and veer, and likely the pre3.

    one is supposed to learn from the mistakes of history...not repeat the same ones over (pre and pixi plus), and over (pre2) and over (veer) again.
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    and yet Veer owners seem to rave about how much they like them...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    and yet Veer owners seem to rave about how much they like them...
    And how many people own Veers? I'm not saying it's a bad phone, but it was clearly made available at a bad time. Rub and his crew should have been working on a 3.7-4.x inch slab (because that's what the market wants) instead of the Veer. Then release the Veer and Pre 3 later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    and yet Veer owners seem to rave about how much they like them...
    Thats not how business assess success.

    Jon rubinstein is a failed leader, he may be good at a thing or two, but he played a big part in bringing down palm and making strange decisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdhu2001 View Post
    Okay, this is going to be a weird statement; but what if the reason HP is waiting to launch and share information on the Pre 3 is because of how poorly it did for the original Pre to release before the iPhone. The new iPhone used a lot of concepts that they has always been against in order to combat the Pre release. Suddenly the new iPhone allowed cut & paste and bluetooth to listen to media (music) not just connect to calls.

    HP has money and doesn't make all of their funds from whether or not their mobile platform makes money. Apple pushed back the release of their iPhone. I think it's a better idea for HP to wait for that release instead of having Apple tweak their phone after months of seeing what other people brought to the table.

    Will it be a great competitor to the iPhone? No. But at least HP won't be handing over ideas for them the tweak and make their device better. People who want the new iPhone or iPad will get it regardless of what HP or any other carrier puts out. There is no reason to try to compete for Apple's loyalist. The people HP wants are the people who would consider the iPhone, but aren't sold on it. It's just a smart phone.

    If HP can get developers to develop apps for the TouchPad, more WebOS apps will be available for the Pre 3. Only the future will tell what happens to WebOS.

    Right now we have a Kindle app and can view Amazon Premier. I need doc editing, audible, and a stand alone Bible app. Thankfully, I own a few Bible in Kindle and the Internet bibles work well. My TouchPad is coming along and my Pre is still working.

    I'll wait to see if any other device can tweak my interest. So far, they haven't.
    Apple hardly considers any PALM/OS product to be any type of threat at this point in the game.

    Quote Originally Posted by fxspec06 View Post
    The Pre didn't fail. The Pre was the phone that started this all. If there was no Pre, none of us would even be talking about this. The Pre was a HUGE success. Not as huge as it could have been had Palm had a gazillion dollars (look at Apple and Google, they built their headquarters on melted $100 bills and concrete).
    Started what all exactly?

    Quote Originally Posted by fxspec06 View Post
    It's not about sales numbers.

    What is it with everyone and numbers. <<mod delete>>

    Nothing in life is ever that cut and dry.
    Let me see you run a business and not worry about the sales numbers, and then let me see you survive without worrying about the sales numbers.

    And about the form factor. If you had to choose 1, you would expect to pick one that will sell the most (Slabs will out sell other form factors). Palm/HP just doesn't get the market. They think something is good and people should use that, but they really suck at convincing people that they need to make the change.

    It's one bad decision after another.
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    Imagine if a movie company announced in February that your favorite movie ever had a sequel coming out this summer. But now July is almost over and you still haven't heard a release date yet or even seen the first trailer. Yeah, you're still going to see it once it's released, but the anticipation is agonizing and it's frustrating seeing all of these other great movies come and go but the one you want to see the most is absent.

    I just don't understand why this wait is sooooo loooong... Honestly, would anyone have guessed that after the February event that 5 months later we still would know nothing new at all of significance? I understand that summer lasts until the 3rd week of September, so we're still within the launch window. But it's been 5 months! And we're half way through the summer season and haven't heard the first official update on a release. It's just getting completely ridiculous at this point.

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