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    First of all, forgive me as I didn't know exactly where to post this, but as I said, I went into a BestBuy today and talked with the store's mobile phone manager. He was very knowledgeable about all of the OS's out there, and we discussed android, iOS as well as webos and to a lesser extent RIM. When I asked him about their HP rep, he said that he hadn't seem him for about a month, since they were shown the touchpad and a vague roadmap of what HP planned for the future. He then stated that the rep told them that towards the end of July, he would be back because of "something big" that HP was planning. There were no allusions to a phone, tablet, computer, or anything else for that matter. I just thought that I would pass this along to all of you other conspirators out there if nothing more than to get you all a "fix". ;-) Anyhow, please take this as I am, an interesting bit of info, but nothing more than something else to sprinkle a bit of salt on. By the way, I also went to a sprint corporate store, and as always, I knew more than they did. Get out your blood pressure meds.
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    Something big, eh? Have you been back and talked to that manager again since?
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    I sure hope it was not the roll-out of the Amy Winehouse TP endorsement!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlee2001 View Post
    I sure hope it was not the roll-out of the Amy Winehouse TP endorsement!!!!

    Ohhhhhh Too Soon, Too Soon....
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    Quote Originally Posted by noelb View Post
    Ohhhhhh Too Soon, Too Soon....


    I was never good with that "timing" thing.
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    Maybe it will be the Pre 3? Maybe...
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    So is there any big new as its Aug now.

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