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    Their biggest base of supporters gets rumors (news) that Sprint wont be carrying WebOS devices "in the coming months" and the response from HP. . . . post a bit on your blog about William and Kate and seeing a TouchPad.

    The Official HP Palm Blog: A royal touch

    They blog about once a week and haven't said squat about a phone officially since June. . . . .

    Looks like its time to abandon ship.
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    While HP may be huge, the Palm division is still small and has been had essentially all of its resources dedicated to a product of which they thought had a much better chance to capture the publics interest, because the tablet market is still emerging when compared to smartphones. Touchpads, if successful, will sell webOS phones.

    I think HP, is interested in phones and tablets equally. They're massive markets, why wouldn't they be? I mean think about it, they know they have an amazing OS and opportunity to capitalize on it while the Wintel world declines. They just had to pick their battles for this round, that's all.

    Now that the Touchpad is getting released around the world the Palm team can devote some more resources to training new people and ramping up development for other products (i.e. Getting webOS 3.x to phones).

    It's in every webOS phone fans interest that the Touchpad does well, publicity from the royal couple will do this. The Pre 3 stands no chance without some mindshare from a less crowded market.

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