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    Originally posted by TreoGirl
    It's all related to the carriers.
    Software is done.
    We know that you're trying to be helpful but statements like this are a little simplistic. The grim reality for HS is that many carriers insist on GSM & GPRS device network compatibility testing. HS have completely underestimated the work involved with this.

    The Treo uses the Wavecom Wismo Pac GSM/GPRS module. The Wavecom GPRS code in this module is not yet stable. Witness the Wismo code changing from the GPRS 1.0 "beta" to the GPRS 1.1 release.

    Now that we have another company in the process the delays quickly turn from weeks into months. HS is forced to manage a certification path something like: Carrier<=>[RegionalHSRep]<=>HS<=>Wavecom

    So your timeframes make sense but there are real technical issues involved.

    Of course there are also stabiliy issues with the HS Treo code but these at least can be managed by HS.

    HS's biggest problem is that customer patience is fast running out. I'll bet that I'm not the only one contemplating returning to a separate phone & PDA solution.

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    It's not going to show up this month.
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