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    According to CNET-UK. They put me @SFHandyman on a list of 50 people they follow on Twitter as "SFHandyman*- The only person in the world who owns a Pre" hahaha.

    They have a seriously funny and informative podcast.
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    wow ur so exclusive!!
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    ROFL Now that's just funny. You're probably one of the the only 50 people out there who read cnet. They should have been at the PalmCast at ThinkBeyond - they would have seen more! LOL
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    Nope, not the only one. There's STILL about 1.5 million of us left. Not a lot by other device standards but if each of use bought a $1.99 app, the dev would make $2,089,500 which ain't small potatoes.
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    where did you get the 1.5 million number? And what models are included in that number?

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