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    While there are a lot of technical specs that go along with new phones (and people compare things like processors, RAM, resolution, etc.), I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the "tangible" features you'd like to see on your "dream phone". Consider this a build-your-own-phone discussion, which I don't think we've had in a while!

    So over the past few years, I've drooled over some phones, and detested others. I wish some phones could produce offspring with other phones and contain features from both. Sadly, most phones are always missing something key for me. The Pre3 has come the closest, however, it's launch is still unknown. As such, if I had endless resources, I would design a phone with the below features (by order of importance):

    * Portrait slider w/ full QWERTY keyboard
    * No larger than 4.5"x2.5"x0.70" in size
    * Rear-facing camera with auto-focus, zoom & video capture
    * Dedicated ringer/sound switch
    * LED notifications
    * Removable battery
    * Front-facing camera
    * Dedicated camera button
    * Wireless charging capable
    * LED flash
    * Virtual keyboard
    * Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope
    * Removable micro or mini SD slot or other mass storage
    * 8GB of internal storage
    * External Thermometer & Barometer sensor (a girl can hope, right?)

    (Note: I didn't specify a megapixel on my cameras because quite frankly, I think the large MP craze is silly. Unless you are a graphic designer or plan to print off lots of super-large prints, the higher MPs are simply unecessary. For example, a 1MP camera will take pictures that are 1,000 pixels in width. At a standard print resolution of 300dpi, you can still print great pictures nearly 3" wide!)

    While many of the above features can be found on the HP Pre3, I would be more likely to switch to Android or even iOS if there were phones that contained these features. I've actually been eyeballing the new phone leaked by Motorola which may be coming to Sprint as it's an Android portrait slider. There isn't much information available about it, but it's definitely a phone I'll be watching!

    I LOVE webOS and really want to stay with the platform, but if more phones come out with my "specs of choice", the easier it'll be for me to leave my beloved webOS behind.

    What about you?

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    What I'd love to have is a dual portrait/landscape keyboard (ala Samsung Exclaim). Portrait slider would be the Pre3 keyboard and landscape would be a split keyboard (ala LG's upcoming model). It would add a little heft/bulk but be worth it to me.

    The Pre3 dimensions look about right but I would remove the dedicated gesture area in favor of a software solution, dedicating a small portion of the screen in either portrait or landscape to use of gestures. This would work for phones, tablets, and all other touch screen devices.

    This would allow PDK apps that don't need that area to use more screen real-estate. The added bonus of this approach is that you could introduce some simple graphical hints for new users until they become accustomed to the gestures and then hide them over time.

    I take a lot of pictures so I'd like a dedicated camera button, auto-focus, good lens, good flash, 1080p recording, and a shutter to protect the lens from pocket/purse gunk.

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