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    Can anyone suggest some first things to download/buy?

    Also, anyway to speed up the screen, seems slow.
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    it's almost endless (G)
    afterburner will really speed things up.
    Backupbuddy is great to back everything up.
    Treobutton will let you put 9 apps on the 4 buttons.
    Albums to go for pics is free
    Quick office is good
    Bigclock is a great clock
    Diddlebug is a great free app for making memoís
    Handyshopper is a great grocery list and more and itís free.
    Palm reader and mobipocket for book reading
    Text plus is great for speeding up text info.
    Tv browser is a great tv listing browser.
    Clockpop is nice to check the time fast
    Treo keyboard utilities to make it so you can move around with just the keyboard.
    Palmoffhack to keep the treo from turning on with a button push.
    Checkbook is a great checkbook program and free.

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