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    In the last two weeks, I've started having a new problem with my 180G, and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar problem. It seems like it roughly corresponded with when I did the GPRS upgrade, but it didn't start immediately - more like a few days after. It's possible I just didn't notice it at first.

    When I receive an incoming call, I can't hear the person who's speaking - but the caller can hear me just fine. After 15-30 seconds, the speaker starts working, and usually works fine for the duration of the call, but will occasionally die for a short period of time. This happens on 70-80% of incoming calls, and the funny thing is that is also happens on outgoing calls, but only about 30% of the time.

    I talked to TMobile, and they reported no problems in the area. It seems like if this were widespread and happening with other devices, they would've heard something about it by now.

    Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any suggestions on what I might do to fix it? Is it actually possible to un-do a GPRS upgrade? (I was under the impression that it's impossible to regress to an older version).

    Thanks for any help.

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    I have exactly the same problem here in Cairo, I didn't have much time using the Treo before GPRS 1.1 upgrade so I can't judge if it is the culprit here.
    Add to this another problem, when I dial out I can't here dialing ring, period of silence then the answering voice.
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    There have been several threads related to this (mine included). This appears to be a *big* problem.
    The problem seems to occur after several months of usage.
    Is it 180's or 180g's only?
    Is it related to a single service provider?
    If it truly is a speaker wire problem why does it seem to go away (like mine)--intermittent contact good for weeks at a time?
    It would be nice, since this appears to be a big enough issue, if Handspring would issue some general comment on this.


    Threads referring to problem (the ones I could find)
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    I am on my 4th 180G - the speaker in the flip kept failing. To their credit, Handspring sent me a new unit this time. In case you did not know, the replacement you usually get is a refurb unit. the new ones come in a brand new box.
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    I have had the EXACT same problem with two 180s, both after I upgraded to GPRS 1.1. The earbud works great.
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    Hi, I was having thesame problem for a few weeks or so intermittently and thought i was a software problem.

    Finally one day, it totally gave out on me and i couldn't hear anything anymore from my flip lid.

    I decided to open the dang thing up and found that one of the speaker wires had been cut/pulled apart by the repeated opening and closing of the lid.

    SO... it WAS the wire...

    FYI guys
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    kteh, were you able to fix the wire? How do you open it up without breaking it? Anyone else? I just inherited a friend's 180, and the speaker is already broken! I am thinking about trying to fix it myself.

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    Hello BenBfly

    don't try it yourself.
    its not easy to do.

    i had already planned to saw off my lid so opening it up wasn't an issue cos i didn't have toput it back

    recommend sending it to handspring
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    I have a 270 with service from Cingular. I have the same problem whereby I cannot hear incoming callers -- sometimes for a few seconds and sometimes not at all. They can hear me.

    Occasionally, on outgoing calls I cannot hear ringing OR the person answer at the other end.

    These problems do not occur on all calls, but it seems to be getting worse.

    I think Handspring owes us an answer.
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    If it's really the speakerwire problem (you can know it only when the speaker dies completely or works only with the lid slightly open), IT CAN BE FIXED !

    Me and other folks here have done the speaker fix successfully.
    It is really easy, check it out:

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