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    I just rested my Pre on my HP laptop and realized how awesome it would be to have touch to share on an HP Envy laptop.

    Think about it:

    -Transfer websites, contact info, Word Docs etc by tapping your phone/tablet onto the screen.

    -Text messages, notifications appear on computer screen using bluetooth.

    -answer calls on your computer, check visual voicemail on the computer.

    -sync music with touch to share. Heading to the gym and quickly want an album on your phone? Tap it to the screen and the songs sync with Nutsie (HP's cloud music service) and pop up in the Music Player.
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    I thought it about this also,but with a desktop pc also.I think they will do something like this and if they do.It would give them a complete eco system of being connected and advantage over other pc makers.I know they are planning to put webos on pc's.If and when they do that,they need to make pc's that are attractive like apple pc's.

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