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    Hi, I was really excited when I saw the deal on amazon but here is the catch. Their sprint plans that they sell on Amazon are pretty bad. Fewer minutes and no unlimited data. Can I buy the phone and switch the plan with sprint later. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
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    I have been completely confused with this whole Amazon rebate/Sprint plan scenario. There is a 21-thread post in the Treo 300 section, where people have been commenting on this situation.

    After reading this:

    I finally broke down and bought the treo 300 from Amazon. My understanding is that I:
    1) Buy the treo from Amazon (when you purchase it, you choose one of the older plans)
    2) Once I receive my treo, I activate it via Sprint. When I activate it, I then choose the NEWER plans that are available.

    Like I said, I just purchased one from Amazon. I had to select a plan, but it never once asked for any personal information. This confirms to me that I will be activating it with Sprint once it arrives - and I'm confident that I can get the new plan.

    After sitting and pondering over this for a week, I took the plunge... I did NOT want to miss a great offer like this.

    I'll let you know how it goes!
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    Please check my post on the Treo300 forum about this topic.. amazon is saying you will NOT get the rebate... i left the amazon phone number there also so you can call and ask yourself.

    be careful... they say you need to have the same plan that you purchased from them to get the rebate, and this isnt possible since they are selling plans that no longer exist.

    let me know what you find out.
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    If you call back and talk to someone else at Amazon, I'm sure you'll get a different response. Read the rebate form. It doesn't hold you to the plan you selected; just to one of the "approved" plans selected to go along with the rebate. Those plans are the Free and Clear Vision plans starting at 300 minutes. That's what I got out of what I heard anyway.

    The fact is, SprintPCS doesn't offer the plans on Amazon so there is essentially what the support person is telling you is that the rebate is null and void completely.

    Doesn't make sense.
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    The amazon link now has the latest holiday promotion plans.... I purchased on Friday.

    I called a couple of weeks ago and got the same responses: if I didn't stick with the plan that I had chosen, there would be an inconsistency in the rebate process, and the rebate would be rejected. I could switch plans *after* my rebate was processed (but who knows, if it takes a couple of months, the good sprint plans would be gone). He then advised me that they *did* get the new plans in, and they would post them in a week and a half. And what do you know, a week and a half later (pretty exactly), the new plans were there!

    I imagine they will be flooded too. I noticed my order won't ship for another 3 weeks (even thought it says 2-3 days on the site).
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    New poster to this site. Amazon's site does show the new Sprint Vision plans. I ordered my Treo 300 11/5. I've been a Sprint customer for years but I'll go ahead and sign up for a new plan even if they give me a new phone number - not taking a chance on voiding this great rebate offer. FYI they sell used Treo's on Ebay for over $300-. I've done my homework - follow the directions on the form to the letter. I had reservations paying $400 but $250 makes it a great value.

    Good Luck.
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    has anyone who was already a sprint user had any luck in getting the amazon rebate please tell me how

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