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    I just paid $499 for the treo at on wednesday. my phone is activated with the $85 sprint plan that includes unlimited data.

    i believe i can return the treo (to take advantage of the amazon deal), but there are probably fees involved. any words of advice?
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    It is quite likely that you can return everything with no fees.

    If you cancel your Sprint plan within 14 days of activation there shouldn't be any fees... and I believe you can return your Treo within 30 days for a full refund.

    It's worth it if you can get the amazon deal. Lets us know how it turns out.

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    Supposedly you lose the $35.00 or so activation fee when you cancel in the 14 day window.
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    Hey Daniel, question for you. Have you looked at the spring plans on amazon. They have fewer minutes and no unlimited data option. Are you sure you want to switch.
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    Call Sprint. I returned my Treo after the 12th day. It was not a problem.

    I will have to pay the $35 activation fee, but that's small compared to the $250 savings.

    I already ordered a new one from amazon!

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