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    I have been reading threads about HPALM:

    1.Licensing WebOS
    2.Not making a phone that has specs that are current of advanced.
    3.Not caring about mobile phones as much.

    So I want to know. What Is the problem HP??!!

    I understand that it takes time because of the merger,and paperwork and blah,blah.But you did get around to introducing two new phones.The Veer and the Pre3.

    HP Veer
    I don`t know what you were actually thinking about when the veer was conceived.I give you credit,it`s a nice solid adorable phone but is it enough? Does the Veer scream or even mildly yell next-gen or current? Who was this phone supposed to attract? Teenagers? You could have made a bigger phone,maybe a slab and threw in some colors and it would have been more accepted as a teen phone.Tiny don`t scream teen or something that you want to be able to carry.What is the problem HPalm? Why did you choose the veer over a slab phone or pre3?

    HP Pre3
    The pre 3 is a beast no doubt about it.I don`t really have to many bad things to say about it.So I will just list a few things missing.

    1.gyroscpope:Can anybody say Augmented Reality? The possibilites and games that comes with this are endless.Here is a few links to catch my drift.

    40 Best Augmented Reality iPhone Applications

    The pre 3 has everything needed for this except a gyroscope.

    2.HDMI video output.This would have came in handy if away from home and wanted to watch a movie or play a game on your tv through your phone.

    3.Bigger/Better battery: I know the battery is supposed to better but I think they could have made a better one.So that`s pretty much it about the pre3

    So with all that said. What is the problem that HPalm is considering licensing webOS to other phone manufactures? Why can`t HP just make good phones?

    What is the problem hp?
    You have a great OS,all you need is great specs and hardware to make it rise to the top where it should be. No need to license to other phone makers.(notice I said makers,meaning any company that wants to make a cellular phone powered by webos).

    What don`t you get?!
    Specs is the name of the game.Without great hardware and specs people won`t buy your products!! All these android phones are selling,not because it`s a great OS but because of the specs and amount of hardware that`s flooding the market.I don`t blame you for the amount of Android devices out there and you not being able to keep up.Your not just competing with one company.It`s like 5 against 1 with Samsung,Motorola,Htc,Lg,Noika,etc all putting out Android devices. You will never compete against that and you should`nt want too.WebOS is a gem and turning it into the next android won`t show how much of a gem it is.(Just my opinion) People/consumers want the newest technologies not the latest.There`s a difference between the two.Why can`t you make better specs with better hardware? Is it really that hard or are you trying to save on cost to produce?Nobody want`s old tech compared against new tech.Especially at the same price.Do you know the say? If you build it they will come?? Well HP,maybe you should follow those words and listen to what people want and not make something and then tell us we want it.Read the blogs,forums,fan pages and listen to the people.Follow the trend and you will make webOS successful.There are only a few webos phone owners but there are many more who want to come back but they can`t because the hardware is outdated or no new phones for their carrier(*cough*sprint).

    If you care about making phones and not trying to make what Mr.Hurd said in the beginning become truth then why would you license webos to another phone maker? Her`s a good reason why they should`nt license webOS to other phone makers.

    HP's Plan to Make TouchPad a Hit - BusinessWeek

    The paragraph where the writer talks about HP controlling both the hardware and the software, which gives the company a huge design advantage.

    Webos should only be licensed to:

    1.Samsung for appliances,and tv`s not phones.
    2.Other PC makers
    3.Maybe for MP3 makers
    4.Car companies.
    5.Home integration companies.
    6.IT firms,and business.

    I want to state that I love webos and want to see it succeed and that`s why I wrote this thread.Webos has the best community.

    Voice your opinions all you want. Just keep it clean please.This is just my opinions and feelings.No need to get made at me for feeling this way.Yes I could leave but so can you.I have`nt left because I love webos and this is like a last ditch plea to hopefully non deaf ears.
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