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    I really think some you folks were expecting them to give you a free Pre3 or something. Cmon get real!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emceesquared View Post
    Did the car company promise to update your car with these things for free when they became available, like we were promised flash?

    .... yeah, i didn't think so.

    apples and oranges bro.
    Well if the A/C in this car didn't work from the outset (and not a result of me bashing in the compressor) I would expect that the car manufacturer would at least fix it if not make a model-wide recall.

    Having a PDF viewer that throws up what amounts to a run-time error 80% of the time is at least a grapefruit to oranges comparison....
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    Lot of the "you owe me!" feeling is coming from the need to dump our frustration of being "stuck" with a pre for so long and also not knowing the answers (will pre3 ever come to sprint). It's understandable.

    At the end of the day, HP doesn't owe us anything. Be happy with what they're offering. I would have however not restricted the rebate period to only a month tho.... maybe 3 months. Who knows, maybe they might offer another rebate for pre3... but then if you do that, then the veer ppl will complain that they've used their upgrade credit for Veer and they didn't get anything... it just never stops.
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    After the $50 offer on Touchpad, as a Sprint Pre owner, I'm basically ready to jump ship.

    I agree and acknowledge that Sprint Pre owners (and Pixi owners to some degree) are the ones who have every right to be upset for the right reasons.

    I am not upset that we didn't get Flash, we didn't get 2.xx or 3.xx on our Pre phones.

    I'm upset that we have no webOS upgrade path on Sprint. To me, that is what matters in the "make it right" promise. Your profile, contacts, purchased apps live within webOS only. If you cannot get updated webOS hardware on Sprint, you have no choice but to move on and take it as a loss.

    (One may argue the same about Android phones and hate a specific phone or manufacturer but reality is that you have other options. You can change to a different phone and just load your google profile, app history, etc to the new phone)

    The utter failure to address is the same reason why the Touchpad is off my radar.
    I spent $200+ on my Pre hardware to become an early adopter but that is what any decent smartphone costs so the cost is irrelevant. Being an early adopter always has risks and it didn't work out in my favor.
    Now, HP thinks they can throw $50 my way to spend $500+ to become an early adopter for a tablet, without having a smartphone option on Sprint? That's basically saying, "hey put it behind you that you took a risk and got left out in the cold ... but hey, look at this new shiny thing ... spend even more this time and watch as webOS users on other carriers continue to reap the rewards"
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