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    With all the rumor starting about Apple,RIM and Microsoft, I was thinking what is the future of HP and WebOS in the mobile market.

    Let start with the rumor and some facts.
    1. Apple is bring a cheaper (may be smaller) iPhone to the perpaid market. This is going to be targeted to the emerging nations like India,China. This will force the Android devices to lower price and increase competition for HP Veer type of devices.

    2. Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Mango update is going to bring WebOS types features like Multitasking,Contact and Message Synergy to Windows Phone 7, so this essentially means there is hardly anything special about WebOS. Nokia is going to bombard us with quality devices running Windows Phone 7 OS next year.

    3. RIM is going to release a 4.3 inch Keyboard less phone running QNX OS. As QNX is a xerox copy of WebOS, this will essentially kill the market for a high end WebOS phone.

    4. Android is running train and no one can stop it, so less said about it is better.

    So will HP be satisfied with being the 5th best Mobile OS in the market and commanding a miniscule percent of the overall mobile phone market.

    I for one personally believe HP will rock the tablet market as Android is still inferior but I don't see HP being a serious contender in the mobile market.
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    I believe that HP had every intention of stepping up and I also believe they are taking the mobile market very seriously and will suceed in the moible market by recent publicity releases by Richard Kerris and Todd Bradley.
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    If HP decides (I hope) to partner with 1-2 phone makers, this would flood the market with various forms of webOS devices while HP focus on tablets, bringing webOS to other devices, etc.

    Of course the caveat is for there to be NO fragmentation. As for the GPU/CPU, sizes, form factors, etc would be up to the phone makers and HP if they have some super phone in mind.
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    Can anybody tell me what they think is the strategy of HP to succeed in the mobile market because I personally don't see them doing anything to become a force in the mobile market.
    Let face it except for the minority most of the normal consumer want a candy bar device and where is HP keyboard less device.

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