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    Check out Kinoma and download player to watch and haer pictures(movies). I just downloaded the player 1.5 on my Treo 270 and it works.

    The i.i version had sound problems. You couldn't understand words on the Treo but now using the 1.5 version you can.

    Only problem is sound not loud enough. I responded to the email they sent me and told them what I think of the improvement and ask if they could increase the sound. We'll see.

    I also ask them to make it full screen instead of wide screen viewing. They haven't responded yet to a yes or no. Usaully they do.

    We'll see.
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    I dont notice any change in the sound quality from version 1.0 to 1.5. It is still scratchy but usable.

    I did like the new QTVR panoramas and QTVR objects. Kinoma is a great video application. I have heard other postings suggesting that TealMovie does a better job on sound.
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    I downloaded Kinoma and a sample file, and my Treo crashed! It says fatal error, and then after the reset it says:

    "DataMgr.c, Line:8589 Index out of Range"

    and then it freezes again. It works after a hard reset, but after I sink my data, it continues with this error.

    How do I tell my computer not to reinstall Kinoma??
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    I removed the Kinoma and sample file from my backup folder, and it still gives me the error! What gives?!

    By the way, I'm using a 180, which Kinoma says is supported.
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    In reference to the sound quality, On my Treo it sounds much better but still needs a little tweaking. I had to be in a totally quiet room to understand anything. Also I used the sony traillers to test it.(Men in Black 2 and Spider-man). I sent an email to them asking for it to be louder only. they seem to be communicating to me on a first name basis so I'll ask them to make it a little less scratchy.

    In regards to the Tealmovie player I haven't tried that one yet. I'll let you know in a few weeks. I've heard it's pretty good also.

    In regards to the fatal error I don't think its the Kinoma player but I don't know what all you have on your Treo and what sample did you download to test your kinoma. Either way you should talk to kinoma support for help. Also there are other players like Tealmovie which does cost though if this one is the cause of your fatal error problem. I don't think so or there would be more people complaining about it. But for that matter I don't think many people care to have this on their Treo at all according to the last poll I did.
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    I've now tested both of the movie programs and ran into one insoluble problem. The movie I want to upload is 10 mg's in size and I don't have room for it. My original avi file is vga and about 5 minutes long. The unregister version of Kinoma did a quick job of converting the first fifteen seconds and that ran ok on my treo. Teal movie maker crashed with the vga file and I had to convert the movie to 320x160. That works fine, but I only watched the movie on an emulator -- I simply don't have enough room on my treo for the movie. Oh well, in two years I'll try again -- my pda will have a couple of gigs of memory by then.
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    Which looked better. Tealmovie or Kinoma. Also which had better sound quality. let me know if I should get Tealmovie instead.

    Regarding the memory I'm waiting for the person who was making a cf expansion slot for the this about it.
    Click on discuss here. The Name of the person making the cf expansion card is in the discussion(ok01). But you can't send him emails. He has that blocked.

    The way I see it is the cf card will come out and we'll buy this or we'lll wait untill the next Treo comes out and just upgrade somehow. Or maybe someone like Sandisk will make a cable for the Treo to connect to a sd card. Kinda like the cable to connect your phone to the palm515. We'll see.
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    Kinoma support has just sent me another email in regards to the Kinoma player being compatible with the Treo line. On their website is the new verion of their Kinoma player. they emailed me and ask to try out version 2 of 1.5

    I treid out version 1 of 1.5 and ended up getting a fatal alert like iamosclever. So I advised you to try at your own risk. If you do receive a fatal alert just delete player from treo and back up files as well as archive files on your personal computer.

    I will keep trying with this company as they are the only ones who I have talked to that is working so hard to get the sound qaulity correct on the Treo to view movies or digital camcorder files.

    I believe I am a good conduit to get information to them through email so if you have something you would like to get fixed please let me know and I'll send them an email or send them one from your own email client. I just sent them a reply to what they sent me and asked them to make it to were we could use our headset to hear the sound from movies being playerd on the Kinoma. We'll see what happens.
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