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    Ah, whatta day. So the better half and I go to her parents house yesterday, 60 miles away, me with my Treo, her with her SideKick. We get there, and all pack into the car for lunch and a movie, with my gf and I shooting the breeze via AIM on the way, when I get a phone call (popup asks if I want to accept the call or not), and the machine locks. Dang, haven't had that happen in a while - so I reset via the button on the back. How excited I am to find that it /tries/ to come back on using the last application I was in (AIM), and guess what, AIM is having none of it! Keeps pulling up som wack prc type jibberjabberish error, requiring a reset =( GRRRR. Not even being able to turn it off in this state, after about 10 tries, I do the only thing I know of - hard reset. Yay me. Everything's gone, and I'm 60 miles from my nearest restore for another few hours. No phone numbers, email, etc. All I have is Blazer, and of course, it doesn't want to leave it's home-page (Meant to put Xiino in ROM, argh).

    Finally home, I restore the machine. First thing I notice is that I don't get my little oval Palm at startup now - Now it's just a blank screen, with an oval-Palm-logo-length single pixel line in the top left corner. Whatever. Finally boots and looks normal afterthat, but I notice KBTracker is missing from the button I programmed it to. So I do 1Button, and reset it to 1st left, and go back - still not there. So I go looking for the actual program itself, click on it, and it gives me some error, and throws me to the General Prefs tab. Try and delete it, and it gives me some crap about being used, or in ROM, or whatever - basically, just no go - trying to overwrite it with a new install does nothing too.

    So I decide to remove kbtracker.prc from my backup folder, hard reset, and restore again... When I try to install KBTracker, it errors out, and still does the same thing - just can't run it, delete it, use it, nothing...

    Anyone have anything like this happen? And what can one do when you have a reset situation that throws you right back into another reset situation endlessly? (didn't have this prob. previously with my HSVPro - I'd just restore the Pro from my mem-module at the time).

    Frustrated all out and back,

    Treo 180
    GPRS 1.0
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    I recommend restoring again after a hard reset but leave out AIM and your Saved Prefs files. You may have to re-register some software without your original Saved Prefs file but this may be the source of your woes.

    PS You should always try a Warm Reset before a hard reset if you have something auto-starting after a soft reset that is troublesome - press up scroll and reset at same time. Dont let go of up scroll until you see Palm logo. Delete or disable the items causing grief and then soft reset again - it is like safe mode.

    I recently installed Crash hack and the assiciated Crash Log - very helpful for diagnosing what is causing bother on my Treo.

    PSS AIM 3.0 is known to be buggy. It runs some kind of background app that seems to lead to instability. For $19.95 cost of the software, I hope they feel obliged to fix the problems.
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    That's what I ended up doing, and didn't find out about this 'warm reset' until after I'd already done the deed...

    I was using 1.1 that I've had no probs with for the last few months...

    Thanks for your help - all is noted and saved for possible future use...

    Then again, it's looking like in the future, I'll just be letting the SK download everything from the TM server... ;P


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