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    My 4 buttons at the bottom died this weekend-how odd is that? tried a hard reset, and even before syncing, they still didnt work. It's not crucial, I can still run all my apps. It just takes longer cause I always have to go home first. The jog and arrows work fine, as well as all the keyboard keys.

    Anyone else have this problem? I might just wait till the GPRS patch is released and say that caused the problem. I really don't want to flip $25 for another replacement.

    And I really liked this one....
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    Don't wait and say the GPRS patch caused the problem. First, you'd be lying, which is unethical. Second, if the hard buttons broke, they broke, and you can get a replacement. Why would they handle any differently a problem caused by the updater and a problem caused by faulty hardware?
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    I meant I would wait for the official patch to be released and say that broke my buttons. This way Handspring wouldn't charge me the $25 for a replacement. I don't want to lie, but I also don't want to pay $25 for a replacement due to hardware failure...

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