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    I like news like this

    The Best iPad 2 Alternatives: 7 Competing Tablets To Check Out

    Don't forget to go to the link and rate the TP on the poll! (It's currently 4 out of 7 in the poll)
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    My vote pushed it to 3
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    It has a great write up with CNET UK saying it has "Amazeballs"!:

    The HP TouchPad, which goes on sale July 1, is the first tablet of its kind: it's the first HP tablet to date running webOS, the operating system developed by Palm, which was acquired by HP.

    It costs as much as the ipad ($499 for a 16GB version, $599 for a 32GB version) and reviewers' initial impression is that it packs a punch.

    "The HP TouchPad hitting retailers in a few days may very well be the last stand for competitors for the iPad," wrote ZDNET on June 20. "The good news for HP is the [webOS-powered] TouchPad is different enough from the pack to have a shot..."

    CNET UK says "it is, for desperate want of a better word, amazeballs. It promises a host of advantages over the all-conquering iPad, including a dual-core CPU, no-nonsense media handling and, joy of all joys, Adobe Flash playback."

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