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    The Globe and Mail recently published an article called Six Lessons Learned From the RIM Saga

    I think HP could really take some cues from some points brought up, especially points #2 and #3!!
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    Yes and 5 is also pretty good. Money, projections, launch dates, HP and Palm announcing 6-months early. I guess hindsight is 20/20 since everyone but Apple announces at CES early in the year letting that tech event set our expectations for the next 12-months.

    Actually, this is one of the best things Apple has ever done. Move away from shows like CES and MacWorld that allow someone else to define their role and move on to their own presentations scheduled specifically to boost their stock standings and position in the market. Big problem for HP, they are a HUGE technology group with 100K employees scattered world wide and exponentially bigger then Apple when it comes to organizational scale. When you add that to the fact that they have stock holders to answer too day in and day out and you see completely why Steve Jobs owns 51% of Apple and has no one too answer to. PERIOD!

    Don't much like IOS, but it is hard not to admit Steve Jobs is a Genus! Sorli....

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