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    In this article about the battle for third place, with RIM & Nokia ailing HP may well be position to ease into thrid palce. I still feel that HP has so much market clout that it will take a while, but HP will do well with webOS. Please see the link for the entire article. These 2 paragraphs were taken from the bottom portion of the article.
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    RIM woes open door for fight for third place
    Commentary: But can ailing Nokia and H-Pís Palm grab share?

    THERESE POLETTI'S TECH TALES, June 21, 2011, 10:43 a.m. EDT

    RIM woes open door for fight for third place Therese Poletti's Tech Tales - MarketWatch

    Hewlett-Packardís Palm business could be the best positioned to gain at RIMMís expense, if its new smartphones are well received. The company is starting to roll out new phones designed around an upgrade of webOS, including a $499 tablet, the H-P TouchPad. In another imitation of Appleís tactics, H-P began taking pre-orders for the TouchPad on Monday.

    Palmís webOS, while critically acclaimed so far, faces an uphill battle, as it still has fewer developers creating applications. That could change too, but for now, the webOS may still be relegated a niche player.
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