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    I've wanted to use a webOS phone for a while, but I can't buy one with a contract and can't afford a full price unlocked Pre 2 (or Pre 3, when it comes out, for that matter). Is there any reliable place to buy used webOS phones?
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    Hi thesconix, and Welcome to the Pre|Central forums!

    Check out our Marketplace forum. There are usually devices that pop up in there from members moving between phones.
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    I bought a used one on craigslist. the main problem with buying any smartphone is when restored to factory settings the phone is locked out until activated which means you can't test any of the features. case in point I bought a used PrePlus to replace my unit with a bad camera but I could not test the camera on the new unit unless I activated it and signed into my profile. so unless they will let you dev mode the unit befor buying it you just roll the dice.
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    You could've just bypassed activation. It's documented in the webOS developer documentation:

    Great option for situations where you just want to check the camera.
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    There have been reports on
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    make sure you at least get a Pre Plus. Ebay worked for me.
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    I've got a boxed pre plus bundle on att. If you want it just message me we can discuss price.
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    I second the recommendation, this is a great community. I purchased phones from rdgoeson4ever and e-gadget-guy and both delivered exactly what they promised and helped me with questions after the sales. Thanks again guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Hi thesconix, and Welcome to the Pre|Central forums!

    Check out our Marketplace forum. There are usually devices that pop up in there from members moving between phones.
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    We are a 5 Pre minus family on Sprint. I have purchased all of the Pre phones from Craigslist. I was patient and waited each time for the right phone, and for a while bought them before I needed them knowing I would press them into service.

    I required they be operational so things like initial service date and referb status could be checked. I would do this by meating the seller @ a Sprint store convinient to them. In the process I would have the Sprint store check to make sure the phone could be activayed on a new account and only after the phone was activated did the seller get my cash.

    It helps that I live in Sugar Land, new a large market (Houston).

    I paid a range of $75 to $125 for the phones. The last one I purchased was 6 months ago. Today they are slightly less.

    Be very careful, phones attached to accounts that owe money can't be activated on a new account.

    I never jump on anything until it's been tested in the market, so by the time I started buying 3rd party Pre's, there was a used market. You may have to wait a bit until a market develops.

    Best of luck, and welcome!
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    I got my Pre off of Ebay. The only problem I have is that the speaker seems to be blown as it crackles way more than it should when watching youtube videos, and that wasn't disclosed in the description. It doesn't bother me though. I bought it for development purposes and had never used WebOS before and I fell in love with it. The OS, the phone not so much. I don't like the keyboard.
    As with anything on Ebay, just be sure to check the sellers feedback and make sure he doesn't have a bad reputation, or you may get a phone with more problems that a busted speaker.
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