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    My treo 180 gets the worst cellphone reception of any cellphone i've owned.

    I heard something about a radio patch for this or getting it replaced.

    I've had the same performance from two I kind of accepted it. But should I really accept poor reception from a 500.00 phone that i pay 50 a month for??? (even if I only paid 200 for it really

    Well...if anyone knows how to get this patch let me know.

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    check your pm.
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    Can I have a PM too? I'm interested in any updates to make the cell service better, although mine is brand new so it probably has all of the latest patches. Although I would like the stinkin GPRS update already, which Cingular is already charging me for...
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    I got the "radio reset" patch

    but it did not help my poor phone reception.

    now i'm getting a new phone from handspring. crossing my fingers that this one works.

    This is will be my 3rd phone.

    I hope they work out all the bugs for the next one. At present, its a great idea with lots of problems.

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