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    Article below (see link) is an intelligent well-written summary of HP Discover to date, essentially detailing the enterprise strategy and ending with the TouchPad announcement which the writer says is the bond between the enterprise strategy and consumer strategy converging. The writer Josh Greenbaum expects we will hear more about the consumer strategy and feels it will be impressive, given the way HP has smartly packaged its enterprise strategy.

    For the enterprise strategy, HP is offering computer, networking and storage devices for the company to mix and match into in-house and on-demand cloud strategies. This is a win-win as the customer has the maximum flexibility to design their package. Also HP has a state-of-the art data center that can offer virtualization if the customer wishes.
    For the cloud, the enterprise even gets a catalogue of its stored content.
    Also HP is offering an analytics platform so the company IT dept can assess performance. (TouchPad was shown off as a great display device and presumably all the numbers are crunched by the massive servers either in-house or via the HP data center servers)

    last paragraph of the article mentions webOS:
    Finally, there was the announcement that the HP Touchpad will come out in a couple of week. This not only takes some pressure off my wife as to what to get me for my birthday (assuming I can get her to read this post), it signals the beginning of a wave of consumer-side announcements that will be highly strategic to HP’s consumer/enterprise bridge strategy. The Touchpad announcement will be followed sometime later in the year by the Pre 3 release, HP’s best shot at taking on the Apple and Android markets. Whereupon HP will have the market wherewithal to start talking about what 100 million WebOS devices will mean for customers, developers, consumers, the enterprise, and those fussy equity markets as well.

    That discussion about WebOS and the convergence of the consumer and the enterprise promises to be a significant one. At Discover the veil was further lifted on an emerging enterprise strategy that is looking better and more defensible with each announcement. But only when the role of WebOS and the consumer side of the business become better known and understood will the full force of Léo Apotheker’s new vision for HP see the light of day.

    From what I saw this week in terms of both the enterprise strategy and the WebOS strategy, that convergence will be well worth the wait.

    A Look at HP’s Discover Conference: The Future Gets Closer « Enterprise Matters
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    Well, maybe this blogger was more optimistic than warranted on the consumer side. Story on Reuters today that HP is in "early talks" with music studios for some kind of streaming music service. I suppose a good sign is that they bought Nutsie and the source says talks are heating up although could be six months and they think HP still isn't sure about what kind of service it wants to offer.
    They'd better get something going as Spotify has now 4 of 5 US music labels apparently so a U.S. launch seems like imminent.

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