Nice to see a pic of Pre2 on NYTimes site in such a cool article (excerpt below). HP using
a Palm Pre 2 app for Botswana malaria trial and was already using a Palm Pre 2 plus HP watches on patients' wrists for a cardio trial in Singapore.

"H.P. said on Monday that it was beginning a yearlong clinical trial in Botswana that will equip doctors and nurses with Palm Pre 2 smartphones and an application that is designed to collect information about malaria outbreaks.

DESCRIPTIONHewlett Packard Malaria data collected on a map in Botswana.

The data will be collected through an app that stores pictures, video, audio and GPS information, all of which can be stored and visually monitored in a larger database. The goal of this information is to help officials and doctors deter a huge malaria outbreak as it begins spreading through an area...
H.P. has been running a similar trial in Singapore that is being used to monitor cardiovascular disease. Heart disease accounted for more than 31 percent of deaths in the country in 2009.

In this trial, people are asked to wear an H.P. watch-like device that includes a number of sensors capable of tracking a patientís heart-rate and other vital signs. As the data is collected on the watch, it is sent through an application on a patientís mobile phone and then transmitted to a doctor. Doctors are then given a Palm Pre 2 cellphone with a propriety app that can show graphs and charts of an individualís vital signs...

Hewlett-Packard Tests Mobile Technology in Fight Against Malaria -