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    In anticipation for Sprint's success with Pre, I bought some Sprint shares 2 years ago. I'm sad to say I still have them.

    HP's future seems to be heavily invested in webOS and cloud strategy. Closed at 36.11 this week which seems to be near the lowest price in the past year... maybe now's a good time to pick them up? Thoughts? It feels like a gamble but a pretty exciting one.
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    sprint will be up another $ by the end of 2011 bank on it
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    I bought some HP stock a few months ago. I am waiting for the major launch before I get too upset over HP's loss.
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    Yep . . . I and others in my investment group bought them this week. Some for a short, some of us for a long. It and microsft both appear to be catching some eyes.
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    I got sprint March of last year, I am up 54% on that. I got HP at a couple different price points, I am down 12% on that so far, but I really do think that the $36 is a great entry point. This is a very very large company with lots of resources, it is at least my opinion it has lots of room to go up still. Sprint right now, i am not so sure it would be the best point to enter. Just my opinion, not stock advice
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    I'm dollar cost avg my way into HP. I purchased 100 shares on Friday and I'll be getting another 900 shares over the summer.
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    short it
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    haha the markets are always fun -=)
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    Quote Originally Posted by drexaljim View Post
    sprint will be up another $ by the end of 2011 bank on it
    If the ATT//Tmobile merger is approved, Sprint is hosed. Gamble.
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    When I first read the title, I thought it was asking if anyone was buying HP socks.

    So, to answer your question, no, I am not buying any HP socks. I will take a sweater though.
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    Pulled the trigger on some HP shares.
    *fingers crossed*
    Come on webOS!!!! Storm the market!!!
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    I don't follow HP closely, but they recently guided lower, they've got management issues and imaging and their laptops and desktops are struggling to grow. Even a webos success may not raise earnings much so I'm very skeptical on HP over the next few quarters. Another thing is if stories are true that ipad sales are killing computer sales selling touchpads may merely move money they were already making on laptops to touchpads and it could be a wash earnings wise. But whether it's cheap or fairly valued is for someone willing to spend more time then i am analyzing it. But i'd be looking at if it can grow it's other areas more then the personal services part. But i'd have to see better earnings before i'd look at them and i'm not really a buy and just hope sort of investor.
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    i will buy some when the time is right.
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    HP is facing a fundemental change in all of its consumer markets.

    HP has not actually made most products in a long time.

    Now the Asian companies who make their products are starting to rise up and sell against them. At first it was just the same specs they make for HP. But now you can buy the Asus netbook for less than the Asus netbook with the HP logo on it. Go to Best Buy and try to find a difference other than price.

    Long term how do you compete against the people who make your own products?

    The EDS end is even more messed up.
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    HP just has some issues right now and i don't have a lot of insight into how they can get through some of them. As a company they aren't going away or anything but they could easily be like Microsoft as a stock. Essentially be pretty stagnant for 5 or 6 years just trading in narrow range. But they keep making operating systems, selling Office to the world, Making Halo games, launching windows phone 7s, etc. But it's like for the last year it's been between 22 and 29. Like as a stock it sucks. In 2006 Microsoft was at 22 dollars. Today it's at 24. and it's stayed in a range of about 17 points too. not exactly explosive growth. Ok company but not a great investment. And nobody really has an idea what they have coming that will break them out. So i take a skeptical approach with HP cause i'm not sure what they have coming is going to move the stock. I wouldn't be so bold as to give someone else stock advice but my thoughts are i'm taking a wait and see approach. Because i bought Palm, it shot up, but after an initial pop to around 17 or 18 it started falling, and store sell through declined. And there were people screaming buy all the way down to $6.00.
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    I don't think you should buy stock in HP based on its 1 product. They're a large company selling hundreds of products and touch almost every market that involve computers or personal electronics.

    Is this their move into the mobile market (again)? Yes.
    Is there potential for growth? Yes. Most cell phone users use feature phones leaving many potential smart phone customers.

    My Opinion:
    I wouldn't bank on that growth being fast and a super quick money investment. Look at the price difference between a feature phone and a smart phone. That gap seems to only be growing as carriers impose new fees and start limiting data use. That gap is going to drive more people to feature phones when contracts are up or their current feature phone breaks after 6 years of use or etc. (Remember, most people aren't us... sadly?)
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    if how they have handled the Touchpad and Pre3 is is any example of their biz model......sell it short.

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