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    I was following the All Things D conference and saw this interesting quote from the CEO of AT&T. Engadget speculates that he's talking about Sony Ericson, but it had me thinking that maybe it was Palm and the Pre 2.

    2:20PM Kara: "How do you deal with the increased handset competition now?"

    2:22PM Ralph: "We make choices all the time when it comes to deciding what portfolio to bring on -- I won't name names, but it's not Nokia. But there was a manufacturer, and by the time they wanted to ship it, we told them we had to hold off because it was behind the buck. Now, we're working with them on a next-generation model." Hmm, Sony Ericsson, perhaps?

    Live from D9: AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega takes the stage -- Engadget

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    That could've been anyone...

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