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    Quote Originally Posted by fixxxer1022 View Post
    does this mean webos will go open source then? i mean WOW this is a smart move on hp's part. id love for my new nexus s to run it if it could. could you imagine an evo type htc phone running webos!
    No.... Think more of a Microsoft WP7 type licensing.
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    HTC+webos =WIN!
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    The possibilities are amazing to say the least but in reality the probability that we see webOS on multiple mfg's any time soon are pretty slim. At HP's pace they'll put everyone to sleep before the credits are done rolling...
    If "If's" and "But's" were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas!

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    i dont want HTC or Samsung... I want SONY! Clie FTW!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Courousant View Post
    but then why would they do it? how do they differentiate from competitors if multiple companies are producing similar form factors?
    You need to read this...

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    From Rubinstein Opens Door to Licensing WebOS | PCWorld
    "HP is more than willing to partner with one or two special companies," said Jon Rubinstein, who runs the Palm unit at HP. "But at the same time, HP is not interested in being in the general licensing business." Rubinstein spoke at a Qualcomm conference that was webcast.

    A "special" company would be one that brings value to WebOS, not one that already makes phones using a variety of operating systems, he said. "But if someone wants to put a real focus on contributing and building the WebOS ecosystem, that would be something we're interested in," he said.
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    Hi friends

    I have not posted on this wonderful forum for quite a while. Mostly because I LOVE my Palm Pre, have had the same one , my first one, since two weeks after they launched, and have NEVER loved a gadget/device more. I was very active here in the early days, and learned sooo much, did soo much amazing customization with this device and it operates just flawlessly.

    But,. alas, as time marches on I yearn for a newer device. I have been trying soo hard to hold on to see if Sprint will carry either the Pre3, or some other WebOS device. I do read here often to see whats in the offing.

    It still really amazes me that WebOS is just sooo far superior to Android or iOS, but never really seems to have made the HUGE market splash as those two.

    But yet, I wait, and try to be patient and hold on.

    Well yesterday I had my first ever taste of "Phone Envy" when I went with my husband to Sprint to get his "upgrade" He got the Samsung Nexus S with Android 2, and I have to say it looks soooo cool. Some of it seems sorta similar to WebOS, but stil not near as intuitive, but still pretty cool.

    Then of course ALLLLLL those Appsss.. it really IS impressive.

    I DO love my Pre, I LOVE the fun Ive had with it over these years mucking around with it, and IN it..

    But................ I really dont know how much longer I can hold out for a new device.

    I come see this post, and maybe a glimmer of hope? WebOS on OTHER devices? Really? Does ANYONE have any hard data on WHEN or IF this can really be a reality? Probably not huh? Why do we have to wait and wait and wait..??? And HOW many of us, like myself WILL grow tired of wating, and sadly make the leap to one of the Many Many really cool devices, that Android is available on?

    Ahhh I am trying so hard to be loyal and patient, but I just dont know how much longer I can hold on..

    Please can ANYONE give me HOPE?
    I have always been a "Phone" person. My love of "Phones" started at an early age. Avatar to the left, is circa 1952, see the sparkle in my lil toddler eyes
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    I Pre

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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    i dont want HTC or Samsung... I want SONY! Clie FTW!!!
    htc make some solid devices. samsung on the other hand....
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    I am not celebrating this. I know that webOS is very scalable at the OS level, but I'm afraid of what the fragmentation will do for games and other graphic-intense apps. There's already fragmentation between the pixi/veer and Pre phones, now they have the Pre3 which won't help things either. They need to pick a screen size and stick with it. Guidelines should be set for 3rd party manufacturers. I don't want webOS ending up like Android.
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    Seriously, would love to see various super phone makers release 10 webOS handsets a year instead of waiting for HP to drop one or two a year. Choice is great!!!
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    Thank god
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    You need to read this... Why do I keep coming back to the Nexus S? | This is my next...

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    I agree with the premise of that article. From a consumer point of view; the "stock" experience can be a good thing. But the reason the Nexus line are the only ones that offer it, is because mfg want to differentiate if their brand will be on the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fixxxer1022 View Post
    htc make some solid devices. samsung on the other hand....
    HTC also makes some pretty Sh***y devices. Like the HD7/s for example. Horrible battery door, light leaks, mic and speaker for calling just awful.

    Though the are suppose to use some type of new metal/plastic fusion for upcoming devices should be interesting.
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    All I can say is that if webOS ends up on a samsung, at sprint, and they are giving the phones away.... I won't take one.
    I absolutely cannot stand Samsung. Anyone who likes samsung either can't afford better, or doesn't know better. Samsung has built an empire on providing feature packed goods at a lower price than other competitors. It is pretty much always as a result of inferior materials. Doesn't matter how they do it, they have to cut corners to pull it off.
    Their TV's are crap, their appliances are crap, they are crap.

    With that said I will never buy another Samsung product ever again, especially a phone. Even though I had a SPH-N200 back in the day and I freakin loved it. Pretty much since then they have gone to **** (instinct) and I will never go back. Ever.
    If Samsung is the only company to survive an apocalyptic cell phone manufactures war.... I'll just start speaking through a paper cup with a wax string.

    I love webOS, but screw samsung.
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    I love my Samsung TV. I haven't had a Samsung phone, but anything has to be better than my Pre- hardware.
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    How about partnering with Amazon?
    Amazon releasing a tablet soon is all over the news. Amazon's strength is in its extensive content delivery system, something both HP and Android tablet vendors are lacking: books, music, cloud storage/player, video streaming/purchase, app store, etc. Besides its infant app store, all other assets are not OS-specific. Why not seriously go after Amazon?
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    I had cheap Samsung Android phone, crippled by Samsung itself to create performance difference between low end and high end line. It performed well, better than OC Pre- @1GHz, but it wasn't good enough. Than I bought GalaxyS, and it rocks. Fast, slick with beautiful screen...
    Phone manufacturers in general can intentionally make crappy device to justify high prices of their top models. On other hand, top models are performing amazingly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    i dont want HTC or Samsung... I want SONY! Clie FTW!!!
    Sony would be rad! They made that crazy clie UX50 back in the day that I remember thinking was the absolute coolest Sony Clie PEG-UX50 Handheld: Electronics
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    HTC and webOS
    Doesn't HTC still make the Pre anyway? They made all the Trēos. HP like other cpmpanies, doesn't see a future in Hardware, and rightly so. But for a product to sell, 3 critical things must happen (which HP rather decidedly did not do): 1 Actually release said product, and in a timely manner. *cough*
    2 Advertise product. A LOT.
    3 goto # 2
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    Seems like a good day to bring this thread back into conversation Hopefully after today's terrible news we have something positive in the next few weeks.
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