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    someone needs to make a modular phone, make this like PC computing. You buy a chassis, a battery / hookup, a screen, a camera, a keyboard or not, and your usual assortment of wireless radios. Maybe even let you design it on a website and then order it assembled, or order the pieces and do it yourself.

    hmm Probably FCC wouldn't let you do the latter.
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    Until then, putting Sprint radios into the Pre2 is the closest thing... but I'd sure buy one if they ever made a kit like that... Hello Heathkit?
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    This will come eventually. You'll buy the radios separately; the screen will be integrated into your clothing, either as a flexible screen on your arm, or your watch, or a HUD integrated into your glasses; etc. Everything will be standardized, and everything will communicate via the same cord that provides power to each component of the device. You can add WiFi, Bluetooth, IR, storage, bigger/smaller displays, etc. etc.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    IMO, first will come blank smartphones with optional OS. Buy phone than buy any OS you want and install it.
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    It has existed once, I don't remember the name, but the company died recently. I think they were from Israel.

    This kind of phone can only be sold to hackers and power users. Most people just want a phone that works, they don't want to install an operating system to it.

    It will have the same future as the Openmoko Freerunner and friends, just a few people will get them.

    -- Edit: That was easy, look for "Modu Israel Modular Phone" in Google

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