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    Maybe I don't really have to do this, but I'm going to set my situation up anyway:

    I own both a Treo 300 and a Clie T615 Palm Device. Each device has a ton of software that is only meant to run on that device.

    My question is --> Is there a way for me to Sync these to the same User Name (so I have access to all my registered software on both devices) without messing either device up with conflicts caused by the custom apps specifically written for one device or the other???

    Is there another way to accomplish what I am attempting to do???


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    You need to beam the apps between the devices. You are guaranteed to run into problems if you sync both devices to the same user name.
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    I have successfully synced my Visor Prism and Treo 90 on the same machine. Whenever I sync my Prism, the Hotsync Error Log tells me it cannot find a handheld with a memory slot, but it syncs anyway. This can put stupid things on your Treo such as files specifically for your Sony, but these can be deleted.
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