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    I have a Palm 515 that I like but it is not working properly. I would like to upgrade to to the newest model that would accept the Palm 515 program. The 515 program is on an old Windows 98 Computer program. My new computer uses Vista and it is not compatible with the 515. Hopfully the new Palm could work on Vista. Keep in mind I need to download the information from one to the other.
    Any suggestions would be helpful.
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    Without going into all the technical stuff, let me recommend that you get a Palm Tungsten E2. It is very similar to the device you already have. You will be able to transfer all your data from your 515 onto your computer, and in turn onto the Tungsten E2.

    (If you have any interest in using wi-fi, the Palm TX is very similar to the Tungsten E2, but it has a little bigger screen and it has wi-fi capabilities. It also will work with Vista.)

    Whatever device you end up getting, the bottom line is you need Palm Desktop 6.2 (which is the only Palm Desktop that works on Vista.) You can go to the Palm website and download it by clicking here.
    There's also a list of all the devices that it works with, and which ones work with Vista.

    Hope that is helpful!
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    Blah the E2 is completely shadowed over by the Tungsten T3. In my opinion the T3 is the finest PDA ever built. Not only did it have a fantastic screen on it, but it would stretch out another full inch. It was also the first PDA ever to have landscape view. I used that thing every day from 2003-2008 until it finally was dropped on cement and broke into pieces. At that point I bought the Treo 755p and never looked back.

    Bottom line get you a Palm Tungsten T3 of ebay and you will be happy. Oh, it had the best stylus of any PDA ever made too.

    It blows my mind that the T5 that came out after it was such a piece of crap. That PDA single handedly destroyed the PDA side of Palm.
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    The TX was my favorite of the PDAs.
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    I had the T|T, T3 and TX. Gotta say the TX is an excellent device. The slider on the T|T and T3 both had problems after a while.

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