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    HP/Palm seeking for a Software Engineer for the webOS Software Globalization group.

    If you have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or EE, or relevant industry experience, this is the position for you.

    Besides ,I would like to quote these two things:

    The webOS Software Globalization group.

    Our products ship simultaneously worldwide.

    How many carriers will launch this summer webOS products worldwide ? or is HP going to launch through the partners channels , online retailers stores and on HP sites ?


    Software Engineer - Internationalization
    Palm/HP - Sunnyvale, CA

    Job description:
    Palm’s award-winning webOS experience plus HP’s global scale and financial strength is a powerful combination.

    Our webOS group at Palm has a strong history of designing mobile products that have touched millions and has revolutionized web development through the clever integration of the web runtime into the OS, creating a pure web platform for the mobile application developer.

    The Palm Pre and webOS have made quite an impact, but there's a lot more in store. Come be part of it and help shape the future of the web, the mobile web!

    The webOS Software Globalization group is responsible for developing the localized products within the engineering department. The team enables non-English speaking users around the world to benefit from the palm mobile technology. Our products ship simultaneously worldwide. The Software Internationalization Engineer will be responsible for technical coordination and completion of all localized software offered on palm products. These software projects can involve webOS, Windows and Mac OS environments.

    * programming for Linux OS using Java and JavaScript
    * Generate localization workload estimate of the projects
    * Evaluate software localizability in the early development cycles
    * Optimize and improve palm localization process
    * Provide localization support to external localization vendors, translation reviewers, consultants, developers and internal palm groups on localization issues
    * Work with cross-functional teams internal or external to palm to communicate and resolve any internationalization or localization issues to ensure delivery of the localized products

    Experience y wished aptitudes
    * 3+ years of experience in product localization in a company with global products
    * Strong organizational and project lead skills
    * Ability to handle multiple projects
    * Motivated self-starter and has assumed localization support lead on a global product
    * Must be a team player, able to work well with interdisciplinary groups such as Marketing and QA

    * General character set knowledge.
    * Deep understanding of resource file structure under various platforms and languages including MS Windows, Linux I18N schemes and C/C++/Java language.
    * Identifies Internationalization (I18N), Localization (L10N) and Globalization (G11N) issues in the product.
    * Contribute in writing I18N coding guidelines and be able to present various topics on I18N to the development team.
    * Willingness to work and to learn with team members
    * Experience with localization software process and tools
    * Experience with XML document generation and parsing
    * Able to work in a fast moving environment with quick turn around objectives
    * Excellent communications skills, both written and verbal
    * Experience in the handheld or mobile product industry preferred

    Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or EE, or relevant industry experience.

    No travel required for this position
    Software Engineer - Internationalization at Palm/HP in Sunnyvale, CA - Job | LinkedIn
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    The Job ID number to apply directly through Palms Career website is 6058.

    This was posted on May 12th 2011, and there is no listed end date.

    The description leads me to believe this is making sure the language packs from the translation teams load correctly. Would be a nice "in" to learn where all the bones of the UI elements for whatever software you're releasing, if I'm right.
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