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    Recently I have been having some difficulties hearing anything when making a normal phone call. The phone stays on the "cancel dialing" screen for a very long time, then changes to the "Active Call" screen. During this time I cannot hear any dialing of the call, or anything from the other end (like an answering machine or the other person talking). It seems I have to repeat the call 2 more times before I merely suffer a delay in hearing from the other end (vs. the total blackout).
    I have a 180g, with Cingular in San Diego (have not yet installed the update).
    Does this (hopefully) sound like a Cingular problem, or a treo problem?

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    I recently noticed a slightly similar problem using my Treo 300. It seems that when I make a call, it says "Dialing..." then it switches to "Connected... #:##" telling me how long I've been connected. I don't actually hear anything (dialing or anything else), until it says connected.

    Recently, while traveling, I was unable to make some calls as it seemed to respond with a "network is busy" type error. Then finally once I could make calls some of the calls would hang on the "dialing..." stage, not making any sound, for quite sometime, sometimes it would eventually give up and give an error, and sometimes it would eventually go through.

    Perhaps the problem you're having is due to busy cell netowrk usage as well?

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    Yikes. I have EXACTLY the same problem as the first post. And I'm also in San Diego with Cingular. The Nokia 3390 I was previously using didn't have these problems in the same settings. Very frustrating!
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    You are probably seeing this on 1-800 numbers? This is quite common that cellular phones dont recognize the automatic pickup on some phone systems. The phone thinks it is still ringing or does not ring at all and then conects but the phone thinks it is still dialing. It is a fact of life with cell phones.
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    I've got this problem as well, it happens when receiving and making calls, I have started a thread in the 270 discussion about it. No one has any answers so far though.....

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