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    See below, this is great as creates a new service for amateurs to license product. I am wondering how HP could make a webOS killer app for this.

    Press Release Source: HP On Wednesday May 25, 2011, 7:45 am

    PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- HP (NYSE:HPQ - News) and LicenseStream, the market-leading licensing and royalty payment automation platform for all media, today announced the launch of Snapfish Stock Images.

    Snapfish Stock Images is an online image collection and microstock photo licensing service featuring unique photos from the photo enthusiasts and professional photographers of Snapfish, the No. 1 online personal publishing service, with more than 100 million members in 22 countries.

    Additionally, the Snapfish Stock Images site will offer reliable and affordable creative stock photography and stock illustrations, in collaboration with LicenseStream and Veer, a provider of affordable visual elements that make it easier to be creative.

    With a vast pool of passionate contributors, Snapfish Stock Images features unique, inspiring and authentic imagery available for professional image buyers as well as royalty-free microstock for immediate download.

    The stock image market currently represents $1.8 billion to $2 billion in sales annually and the microstock category is roughly estimated to have generated $400 million in revenues in 2010.(1)

    “As a result of our partnering with LicenseStream, people can now enjoy an entirely new stock image resource that is simple to use and crowd-sourced by our passionate member community,” said Barry Herstein, general manager, Snapfish by HP. “With millions of photography enthusiasts in the Snapfish community, Snapfish Stock Images will provide an opportunity for contributors to have their photography licensed and monetized, while offering professional image buyers a vast collection of new imagery to visually enhance their business communications.”

    Contributors can monetize photography with unlimited submissions

    Snapfish Stock Images photo contributors earn up to 60 percent of the licensed revenue from each photo sold through the site. This is significantly more the market rate of 15 to 45 percent currently paid by competitors in the stock photography market.(2) In addition, contributors can submit an unlimited number of photos to Snapfish Stock Images. LicenseStream will manage all aspects of the content licensing, including rights management, payment processing and royalty disbursements.

    A Snapfish Stock Image subscription is available to contributors registered at Snapfish Stock Images €“ Stock Photography, Royalty Free Images and downloads for $12 a year. Contributors can submit their photos using the Snapfish Stock Images portal with a few simple clicks to upload and submit.

    One million-plus unique images for professional image buyers

    Professional image buyers, including small and midsize business owners, graphic designers, advertisers and marketers, can sign up for the service to access hundreds of thousands of images available on the site at launch, uploaded from Snapfish’s member community as well as through LicenseStream’s existing relationship with Veer.

    Eventually more than a million unique images will be available. Contributor images also will be added to the site, providing more images available to buyers to access for use in advertising materials, marketing collateral, billboards, blogs and more.

    Snapfish also will be offering a series of webinars beginning this month and continuing through September to provide training and development for contributors based on buyer desired criteria, so professional image buyers can find the most relevant and timely content for their businesses.

    Buyers can license images through the purchase of credit packages at Snapfish Stock Images €“ Stock Photography, Royalty Free Images and downloads. The pricing structure depends on use, with prices ranging from a 10-credit package for $12 up to $720 for 1,000 credits.

    In addition, Snapfish will be hosting a Facebook contest for professional image buyers for the chance to win $2,000 worth of Snapfish Stock Images. One winner will be selected in June, July and August. More information is available at Snapfish Stock Images | Facebook.

    “Snapfish Stock Images provides contributors a new channel to distribute, display and monetize their valuable images,” said Kurt Garbe, chief executive officer, LicenseStream. “Snapfish’s deep experience in photo sharing, creation and personalization provides us with the optimal platform for working together on this endeavor.”

    Contributors and buyers can learn more about the service at Snapfish Stock Images €“ Stock Photography, Royalty Free Images and downloads.

    About LicenseStream

    LicenseStream is the first comprehensive platform that allows owners of digital content efficiently to license, transact and monitor all forms of electronic media. The platform both significantly extends the reach and revenue potential of companies already licensing their content online and establishes new revenue streams for companies looking to digitize and distribute their traditional, analog material. It also enables customers to detect and curb unauthorized usage of their content. Learn more at www.licensestream
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