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    I have my all my info on my treo via the new entourage x conduit.

    it went well but i want the palm template instead of the entourage which i dont care for.

    How do I put the info on my treo on my computer in the palm desktop so that I keep all the info currently on my treo but on my palm desktop so that i can sync with the palm 4.0 instead of entourage from now on.


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    I'm not a Mac user, but my understanding is that you drag the Entourage conduits to the folder that holds unused conduits and drag the Palm Desktop conduits from that folder to the folder that holds the conduits in current use. Sorry I can't be more specific...
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    There is a another way...

    Open the Palm Desktop Software. Under the HotSync menu is a selection for Conduit Settings. Select this option, and there is now a list of all the conduits. Make sure Entourage is set to "Do Nothing" and the other conduits are set to "Synchronize the files." HotSync your unit and the info will be transferred to the Palm Desktop.
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    Thanks so much for all your help. Still is not working but here is what I have tried.

    1) uninstalled entourage from my computer want to use my palm
    2) put the only two remaining conduits at
    A) Backup ( should be treo Palm to computer)
    B) install (set to nothing) computer to treo)

    c) synced but the treo info (which was a mirror of entourage) did not transfer

    d) I did not see a sycronize option. ONLY backup and install. Is the palm conduit as it should be?

    Goal to backup my treo info (origianally from entourage) on my palm desktop program.

    All constructive comments welcome...

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    Reinstalling Palm Desktop should restore the Palm conduits (Datebook, Address, ToDo, Memo).

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