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    - HP Touchpad release
    - HP Pre3 release
    - new Phone Touchstone release
    - accessories release

    - webOS Music Synergy
    - new webOS App Catalog
    - new webOS Movie Store
    - new webOS core apps (e.g. new Maps app, video conferencing app)
    - LOTS of major app developers newly delivering for webOS 3.0 (consumer and business)
    - new hardware/webOS security features

    - "make it right"-deal for legacy device owners
    - webOS 3.x for Pre2, Veer and Pre3 devices

    maybe even:
    - HP Slate phone
    - HP webOS Netbook
    - HP webOS PC integration

    In my opinion, HP has SUCH a huge amount of things to tell us, that I really expect them to do another press conference.

    And because the launch of Pre3 and Touchpad both seem to be imminent, I expect this event to happen really soon.
    I just can't imagine that all this newness will get announce via a blog post or some webpages or even through Leo at a non-consumer event (HP Summit keynote).

    What do you think?
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    There will be another press release. It will be strange if they just if they just release the final products, touchpad and Pre3 into the wild without fanfare.
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    The way this is turning out. There will be a press conference to say "We need more time to bring all the goodness we showed you in Feb. We look to be releasing that now in 1st Q 2012." At which point this place will implode. I have Zero confidence in these people.
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    the press release in the coming weeks LOL
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    Would be great! Not expecting miracles... Sorli...
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    Would be great. But IMHO they will include the new features on advertising. I hope.
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    I clicked yes, but I'm going with palm's meaning of soon.
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    No there will not be an HP/Palm press conference because Palm doesn't exist. It has been dropped from all things HP. When will people understand and accept this?
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