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    I thought we could start a thread for fun of WebOS devices that we could imagine up HP could create. The skys the limit here. Add any ideas you have to my list!

    HP WebOS 4" Slab phone - WebOS on a 1.5ghz dual core 4" slab with 1 gb of ram, microsd card port and LTE. Finally a virtual keyboard that some people are begging for.

    HP WebOS horizontal slider - WebOS on a horizontal slider phone for people who want a larger keyboard.

    HP WebOS 3" MP3 Player - Basically a wifi only version to compete with the iTouch. 64-128gb of storage.

    HP WebOS 4" gaming device - can be used as wifi mp3 player like above but slider reveals game pad buttons for enhanced 3d gaming.

    WebOS Watch Notifications and exhibition pops up on this tiny 1 inch screen.

    WebOS Netbook WebOS on a netbook with both a mouse and a touchscreen. Can be folded 180 degrees for tablet-like usage.

    WebOS Printer Ill let HP deal with this one...dont really care about it.

    WebOS Desk clock Like the watch but larger screen. Notifications and exhibition mode only.

    Add any ideas you have!
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    webOS Television / set-top box.
    HP has talked up its top-notch relationship to Microsoft. Imagine a webOS TV controlled by Kinect "gestures".
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    webos car head units

    web os home monitoring system - that includes surveillance system, utilities monitoring, ac/temp control & monitoring, fridge that tracks expiration dates and items quantity, and washer and dryer notification, all controllable/accessible via any webos device.

    webos surface systems, like the table concept and bathroom mirror concept.
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    A normal landline cordless phone please. For people who don't want the radiation but still want the synergy phone book!
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    A Chumby/Dash competitor - picture frame, clock, internet radio all in one. With touch-to-share.

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