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    I think the bigger question is will this still be called PreCentral in the future . . . Lots besides the Pre's are bringing the Palm/HP Nation (as well as all the haters) here ~

    I'm thinking that link is pointing at something other then the Touchpad . . . Maybe the smaller tab ???
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    If you look on the screen grab, the WebOS version is named "Nova Dartfish"
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    I'm wondering if a bluetooth keyboard would report the same "True" result in the log if it was tethered to a tablet?
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    nice... just speed things up...
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    The phone one is running on ATT, both seem to be touchstone capable (dock-enabled)-not a surprise of course. A bit surprised at that screen resolution, but again, it could be a mid-line phone, not flagship or nothing. Lets hope they keep with the early promises that once the pipeline starts flowing they would deliver new devices every 3 months or so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar View Post
    If you look on the screen grab, the WebOS version is named "Nova Dartfish"
    Zhephree mentions Nova Dartfish (and others) back in Feb. Interesting indeed. Hope testing is far along now.!/zhephree/stat...96369802878977
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar View Post
    What happened to the future devices forum?
    I think it got renamed to HP Palm News.

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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    So I'm taking a wild guess and gonna ask if PC has some sort of exclusive news deal about this and that's why it hasn't made it to the front page yet???
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    future devices was renamed "news" to differentiate it from 'other handhelds'.

    so future h/palm is news, and non-hPalm is 'other'
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    480 x 320 screen sounds scary. Not my vision of future keyboardless webos phone.

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