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    This just in, via the Best Buy Mobile Facebook page:

    Lady Gaga In-Store Appearance Presented by Best Buy Mobile™ on Monday, May 23, at approximately 9pm EST.

    Lady Gaga @Best Buy
    Location: Union Square Best Buy® Store (NYC)
    Time: ‎9:00PM Monday, May 23rd
    Think there'll be Veers there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by VCI_Cell View Post
    This just in, via the Best Buy Mobile Facebook page:

    Think there'll be Veers there?
    I shop at that best buy, they often have artist come there to promote their albums. It will definitely be nutz if Gaga is going to be there. People will probably start getting on line today, especially if she is doing album signings.

    Hopefully Gaga will be promoting the Veer as well.
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    I really don't like the association. Those who like her song might actually like a Veer. I probably should give her another try (without any hope to ever call her songs "music").
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    I received an email from Best Buy this morning, promoting the "get a free Gaga album" if you buy a mobile device. "Going Gaga over free phones!" says the headline.

    The email has a picture of Gaga (that same photo in the subway ads) with a two Samsungs, and an HTC device.

    The copy says (in capital letters) ANY mobile phone, but also specifically says the Epic, Fascinate and Inspire.

    Definitely is not specific to Veer, or even mentions it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cderekg72 View Post
    HP is bringing out Lady Gaga, the most powerful woman in entertainment (according to Forbes magazine) to tie in with the Veer. This picture is from the NYC subway system. You can find this train on the shuttle line between Times Square and Grand Central Station.

    Linking to a pic I took with my Sprint Pre:

    This is only one section of the train; the WHOLE train, inside and out, is covered with Gaga/Veer imagery, although the Veer isn't ever named, I don't think.

    Reason is not named? Since Lady Google is involved, the Veer will be renamed The Pocket Rocket ;-)
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    Rode on the Gaga HP shuttle car today.

    On the outside, the Veer phone was to the right of Gaga but definitely looked like it was part of the same panel.

    On the inside, you could not help but stare at the large Veer on the bottom of the doors (it was larger than a laptop in size, covered the entire bottom of the door). The markings said HP webOS (where the carrier string usually is).

    On the top of the car, there were murals. One of them had a Gaga 20 sec video. To the right of that, the Veer was displayed and again it looked like part of the picture.
    On the inside of one car, I did not count the Veers but I bet at least 10-20 Veer pics were inside each car.
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