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    I am a developer that has helped write connection manager and tethering software. I recently got tired of my VZ Droid hanging up when my face touched the screen. So I bought a VZ Pre Plus from Craigslist. I have seen people who own iPhone, Blackberry, and Android say they prefer WebOS. I agree. While Android is powerful, I like the WebOS interface much better.

    I find myself now scouring the intertubes, looking for Pre 3 release info, hoping it comes to Sprint. Talking to people at the Sprint stores, there seems to be a lot of bad blood regarding the Palm hardware. I hope HP overcomes that so WebOS has a chance.

    If anyone knows of an app that graphs which WiFi channels are in use, or a guitar tuner, I would like to know about those.

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    Welcome to webOS.

    no on both counts I think.

    I was going to try and make a PDK guitar tuner, but sadly there is no PDK mic access. There is a SPL meter in the app catalogue. Must have been done with the media capture api in some non-ideal way. There are a few pitch pipe apps if thats sufficient.

    dont know whats needed for a wifi analyser.
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    I can't link you right now, but I'm sure others will. Install an app called Preware. From Preware you can install lots of apps, tweaks to the OS and different themes on your phone. I'm not sure about the guitar tuner app, as the microphone API was only recently released to developers. Try searching the app catalog and Preware for it. Try typing "tuner" and see what comes up. You can search these forums for Preware and how to install. Will link you later tonight if someone else doesn't already.

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